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We are an open and inclusive spiritual community. We are a liberal religious voice on the public square. We welcome you! Whomever you love, and whatever your spiritual beliefs,
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What does it mean to be a community of healing? October, 2016

 Healing is not a surprising theme for a spiritual community to address, but the range of thoughts and practices to consider can be daunting. We can wonder about what needs to be healed in our own lives and the lives of those we love, in our society, across our differences, and for the sake of […]

Care for the Soul of a Nation at War -Rev. Dr. Frances Sink May 29, 2016

Care for the Soul of a Nation at War Rev. Dr. Frances Sink May 29, 2016 Sermon delivered at   The Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Stamford, CT They say, Our deaths are not ours: they are yours: they will mean what you make them. They say, Whether our lives and our deaths were for peace […]

Standing on the Side of Love

The message of UUA’s* Standing on the Side of Love campaign is both personal and public. Whether we are focusing on marriage equality, immigration reform, or the dangers of police encounters for blacks, standing on the side of love means standing where the political, public, and personal come together. To care about justice, is to care […]