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Interfaith Council United Against Executive Order

This week the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut released a statement opposing the new immigration policy imposed by President Trump by his executive order.  We expressed our deep distress at the injustice of the proposed “religious test” and decried the discrimination against individuals based on their religion.  We are troubled by this move in direct […]

December, 2016 Soul Matters –Theme: Presence

The word presence is both evocative and illusive. Communion with nature can fill us with a sense of deep unifying presence in creation. People speak of a prayful presence or feeling the presence of the sacred or God. A gathering of people with a strong shared commitment can feel the elevation of their spirits in […]

November, 2016 What does it mean to be a community of story?

Story is an important theme for Unitarian Universalists. In many congregations an early “getting to know you” question is “How did you find your way here?” It’s not a question about directions, but rather an invitation to tell a story. While some people are raised Unitarian Universalist, more often people have a story to share […]