UUC is a member of the Soul Matters network of UU congregations who engage in a monthly theme-based ministry  and Sharing Circles.  Each month all participants in the congregation receive the Soul Matters packet by email. Included are readings and stories, questions for reflection and practice, and links to talks, movies, books or other related materials for inspiration on the monthly theme. Worship services engage with the themes and the children’s religious education also incorporates the monthly theme in order to enrich parent-child conversations about spirituality and values for living. For those who want more, it is possible to join with other UUs in on-line Soul Matters explorations.

2015-16 Soul Matters Themes

What does it mean to be a people of…

Sept: Invitation

Oct:   Letting Go

Nov:  Ancestry

Dec:  Expectation

Jan:  Resistance

Feb:  Desire

Mar:  Liberation

Apr:  Creation

May: Blessing

June: Simplicity