Developed in response to many Unitarian Universalist adults’ desire to engage in life-giving spiritual practices, the ten workshops of Spirit in Practice provide avenues for deepening spirituality and affirming spiritual growth in the congregation. Participants are invited to reflect, share, and grow together, exploring ways to nurture their connections with the sacred in everyday life.

Drawing on a model developed by the Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, New York, for the training of its students, Spirit in Practice focuses on eight spheres of holistic and wholehearted spiritual practices. These eight spheres are:

  • Personal Spiritual Practices
  • Communal worship practices
  • Spiritual partnerships
  • Mind practices
  • Body practices
  • Soul practices
  • Life practices
  • Justice practices

Visit our Calendar to find the next Spirit in Practice workshop.  They are generally held on the first Thursday evening of the month September through May.